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My Philosophy

I believe in great ideas. Religiously. I believe that a great idea can move mountains, save your business, lessen your workload, and clear up your skin. I am pretty fearless in my pursuit of great ideas. I excel at persuading people - be it through an ad campaign, a web site, or personal contact.

I am a copywriter by trade, but also have excellent management, leadership and sales skills, and truly enjoy leading teams into battle. I think unconventionally. I try to bring a dadaist sensibility to my life and my work. I play well with others and genuinely enjoy people.

I’m good at what I do. My references are excellent. I’ve won awards and accolades along the way, worked with some amazingly talented people, been inspired, had the opportunity to inspire, and done a heap of work I’m proud of. The work has often been challenging but nearly always been fun, and I’d love my career to continue in that vein.

My Short Story

Mashed Potatoes In A Cup

My Writing Heroes

People that make me say, “Man, I wish I could have written that!”

My Top 6 Reasons To Hire A Former Stay-At-Home Mom

  1. A nearly bionic ability to concentrate under any circumstances. I can concept and write with one hand, and play-sword fight with the other. Really.
  2. Insanely-increased bandwidth. The Army used to say “We do more before 9am than most people do all day.” Yeah, but did they do it with a Baby Bjorn strapped to their chest and a toddler attached to their leg?
  3. Instinctively encourages the best in others. “Look at that terrific layout you did, Karen! Good job! I really like the colors you used! Let’s put it up on this wall here.”
  4. Will not flinch under pressure. Please. You want to talk pressure? Try getting your kids dressed, fed and to an 8am showing of Little Red Riding Hood on time where they must sit in the audience and not make a peep. That’s pressure.
  5. Not afraid to give clients a time-out when they’re acting up.
  6. Unflappable nature. Should one or more people in a presentation meeting suffer grievous injury, I will calmly use a paper napkin, Sharpie and power cord to create a tourniquet AS I CONTINUE PRESENTING. I’ll also give the injured party candy from my purse.